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Alexander Dergachev
Erlang software developer at Klarna

Alexander is an Erlang software developer at Klarna AB. He started his career 5 years ago in Mera Networks, an outsourcing Russian company based in Nizhniy Novgorod. He has been using Erlang as his main programming language since 2007, and has been working on different types of projects from small libraries to big blade cluster frameworks.

Alexander Dergachev is Giving the Following Talks
alogger - Simply the best logging framework for Erlang

There is a lot of loggers in the wild. You can consider to use one of them in your new project. After a while a new cool logger appears, and you want it, so, you have to change lots of places in you code, and definitely you have to recompile the entire project. That sucks, doesn't it?

The Abstract Logger Interface (alogger) brings completely new opportunities of logging. Here you go:

- the possibility to introduce any new logger to your project without a need to change the project code at all

- the interface will provide some neat features which are not exist in most of the existent loggers, like these:

-- the possibility to change the logging priority "on the fly" without any significant overhead thanks to some parse_transform and hot code reloading magic

-- the possibility to change the logging priority by modules or by special tags
So, basically, with alogger you'll be able to add any new logger to you project, you even won't have to recompile your code. You'll be able to control all your log flows from the shell or through the config file.

- and even more!