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Berner Setterwall
Co-founding CTO Campanja, click-stream ninja
Campanja AB

Berner started his career in test automation at PacketFront, before moving on as first employee at SPAM-filtering and online security SaaS provider Stay Secure. Following this, he co-founded Campanja, taking the role of CTO.

Favourite quote: "Read books are far less valuable than unread ones."

Twitter: @berner_s

Berner Setterwall is Giving the Following Talks
Switching to Erlang for Fun and Profit!

Berner will talk about Campanja's experiences moving to Erlang, how they  ended up doing it, lessons learned and challenges they faced.

Campanja's production environment is fully hosted in Amazon EC2 on 80+ instances.
Our main production language today is Erlang. At the beginning of 2011 nobody at Campanja had ever programmed Erlang before.

Talk objectives: Share the experiences we had while switching to Erlang.

Target audience: People interested in what it is like to join the Erlang community now-a-days, Erlang deployed on amazon ec2 and Erlang in combination with non-Erlang databases (i.e. the world outside of mnesia, couchdb and riak ;-) ).