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Dmitry Groshev
Erlang software developer at Selectel

Dmitry Groshev lives in Saint-Petersburg, Russia and works in Selectel company, hacking on Erlang and building awesome services. His Erlang journey started in early 2011 and went quite well thanks to the previous exposure to functional languages. Being DRY acolyte, likes macroses and parse transforms. Above all else appreciates engineering beauty.

Dmitry Groshev is Giving the Following Talks
Alternatives in Error Handling

We all know this wonderful "let it fall" mantra. It works perfectly in a lot of cases; the only problem is that sometimes you just can't let it fall — maybe you want to present errors in a more handy way, or maybe you want to do something when your computation fails. In this talk different ways of error handling will be considered, in particular "straightforward" monadic approach of Erlando and more idiomatic one of z_validate library.

Talk Objectives: raise attention to particular aspects of error handling

Target Audience: any Erlang developer, especially those who deal with user input