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Johan Lundberg
ART Operational Product Owner
Ericsson AB

Johan started at Ericsson 1989 and mainly worked within verification. He spent 2 years in UK and 5 years in Japan. You really learn the importance of quality from a Japanese customer! 
Since 2006 Johan has worked with the RNC node, which is the brain in the WCDMA network and a real challenge to verify.
In 2010 they started to develop a test framework based on Erlang OTP and that is what he is currently working with.

Johan Lundberg is Giving the Following Talks
Continous Integration at WCDMA using Erlang Common Test

This is a description of how our Erlang common test based test framework is used within Continous Integration of the RNC node at WCDMA. The strategy is that the cross functional teams write test suites for new features that are then inherited into Continous Integration.

Talk objectives: to give an understanding of the framework structure and how it is used within Continous Integration and also some experience from a user perspective.

Target audience: SW developers and testers.