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Kenneth Lundin
Manager of the Erlang/OTP dev team at Ericsson
Ericsson AB

Kenneth Lundin has been working with SW development since the late 70s.  As a curiousity it can be mentioned that Kenneth was one of the pioneers in the use of C++ at Ericsson. Unsurprisingly Kenneth's interest for OO languages has been slighty revised since then.  He joined the Erlang/OTP project in it's early stages 1996 and has been working both with application components and the runtime system since then. Has been managing the team for about 10 years now.

Kenneth Lundin is Giving the Following Talks
Latest News from the Erlang OTP Group

This talk will give you the latest news from the boiling pots of the Erlang/OTP development at Ericsson.
And overview of recent development and future preliminary plans together with some short deeper dives into interesting aspects of Erlang/OTP of today.