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Malcolm Matalka
Dysfunctional Programmer
Klarna AB

Malcolm works for Klarna and has been an Erlang hobby programmer since the early 2000's.  He has worked in a range of industries, from investment banking to bioinformatics.  He joined Klarna Core team in February of 2012, relocating from the US. His interests include programming languages, photography and long walks on the beach.

Favourite quote: "The hotdog is the noblest of all dogs, it feeds the hand that bites it."

Malcolm Matalka is Giving the Following Talks
Mnesia Backend Plugin Framework and a LevelDB-based Plugin

DETS, used by Mnesia for permanent storage has, some well known shortcomings (e.g. max 2 GB tables, slow repair of big tables and no ordered set semantics).

Klarna and ESL have been looking at other backend solutions. An earlier work made an experimental plugin framework in Mnesia and a filesystem-based plugin. This talk describes a continuation of the earlier work.

In this work the backend plugin framework has been refined and documented. The plugin developed is based upon LevelDB by Google and the eleveldb API made by Basho. It's also possible to design your own plugins based on other Key/Value storage backends.

Talk objectives: Describe technically the plugin framework and to exemplify the usage with an actual plugin ordered/used by Klarna.

Target audience: Those who are developing with Erlang and specifically with Mnesia and databases and those who are interested in what companies like Klarna are doing with Erlang.