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Patrik Nyblom
Erlang VM developer and OTP team member
Ericsson AB

Patrik Nyblom has worked in the Ericsson OTP project developing the beam 
virtual machine and Erlang core libraries for nearly fifteen years and is 
the current team leader of the OTP virtual machine team.

His work includes, but is not limited to: Large parts of the ETS 
implementation, the re module, unicode support, parts of the SMP support 
and various ports to different operating systems.
Patrik also lectures from time to time at Stockholm University, mainly 
regarding parallel programming and multi-core support.

Patrik Nyblom is Giving the Following Talks
Taking a Virtual Machine towards Many-Core

The number of cores in modern computer systems increase rapidly. While the Erlang Virtual Machine has a history of good support for multicore systems, new development in the hardware industry requires further development of the Virtual Machine. This talk will walk you through the latest development, as well as the future, of the Virtual Machine
regarding support for multicore and multiprocessor systems. The talk will also discuss what problems arise when moving from multicore to many-core systems and what the solutions to the forthcoming challenges might be. The talk will be quite technical.

Talk Objectives: Give the audience an insight of the Virtual Machine internals.

Target Audience: People with technical interest in the Virtual Machine internals.