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Andreas Stenius
Member of the Zotonic core team

Andreas has been into programming and electronics since age 12. For most parts a self-taught enthusiast that got entrepreneurial after high-school. Andreas has consulted for both small and big companies on a wide range of topics. From system documentation, hardware and firmware development, up to server scale applications. His ability to learn new technologies as needed makes Andreas something as contradictory as a broad specialist.
Andreas has been a member of the Zotonic core team since 2011.

Andreas Stenius is Giving the Following Talks
Tutorial: Zotonic Installfest

In 1.5-hour workshop participants will learn how to get Zotonic running and how to set up a basic website with it. We’ll explain the basics of the Zotonic data model, the template system and how to add interactivity to the website (form submissions, live websockets, etc).