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Claes Wikström
Creator of YAWS and Mnesia; Tail-f and Bluetail Co-founder
Tail-f Systems

Claes Wikström joined the CS Lab at Ericsson 1990 and worked on the first Erlang implementation. He designed and implemented  things like the garbage collector, distributed Erlang, the bit syntax, ets, dets, mnesia, and the IO system with binaries and the driver architecture.

Claes is also the author of Yaws, the web server that has been around for some time.

Claes has founded a series of successful Erlang start ups, lately Tail-f which is a leader in management software for network devices and networks.

Twitter: @klacke

Claes Wikström is Giving the Following Talks
Keynote: Managing Things and being managed - using Erlang

All "systems" need to be managed, typically using some "manager" software speaking some protocol to the system being managed. In this talk I'll be providing some opinions on management software written in Erlang.

Erlang has been around for quite some time, and over the years a plethora of various protocol implementations have accumulated, both on the server (agent) side and also on the client (manager) side. In the early days we saw ASN.1 and SNMP, and these days all the rage is about NETCONF/YANG and Openflow.

I will discuss some of these protocols and provide guidance on when to use which protocol. History repeats itself and new and hyped is not necessarily better than old proven and bug free.

Keynote objectives: Provide insight on the entire problem domain of managing systems.