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Huiqing Li
Inventor of Wrangler
The University of Kent

Huiqing Li got her PhD at Kent University in September 2006 and works as a post doc in the EU project ProTest to further develop the refactoring tool Wrangler.

Huiqing Li is Giving the Following Talks
Profiling with Percept2

The number of cores in modern computer system is increasing rapidly, and Erlang's support for multi-core system is also being continuously improved. To take full advantage of the computing power provided by multi-core Erlang, new Erlang applications need to be written with more parallelism to assure that there are enough processes ready to run, and existing sequential Erlang applications can be refactored to introduce more parallelism and therefore scalability. However, very often one might find that an application does not scale as expected.

In this talk, we present the Erlang concurrency profiling tool Percept2, which is an enhanced version of the original Erlang concurrency profiling tool Percept.  Built on top of Percept, Percept2 provides not only process profiling information, but also scheduler and function profiling information. Visualisation and navigation through data is made easy in Percept2, and the performance has also been improved by the parallelisation of tool itself. We demonstrate how Percept2 can be used to find Erlang application level bottlenecks, and also how the tool can be used to provide guidance and feedback on the parallelisation of existing sequential Erlang applications.

The talk will conclude with a demo of "late breaking" features including online visualisation of systems on single and multiple nodes. 

Talk objectives: To give you an understanding of how to use the Percept2 tool to understand the concurrent behaviour of your Erlang programs.

Target audience: Erlang developers.