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Loïc Hoguin
Creator of the Cowboy WebSocket Framework, Spawnfest Co-Founder
Nine Nines

Founder of the Nine Nines open source Erlang company. Main author of the Cowboy, Bullet, Sheriff and Farwest projects. Spawnfest co-founder and organizer.

Twitter: @lhoguin

Loïc Hoguin is Giving the Following Talks
Beyond OTP

People tend to use gen_server all the time even when it is not the right tool for the job. But OTP is more than just gen_server. OTP is about using existing behaviours and defining your own special processes that respect OTP principles. This talk will dive deeply into OTP so that everyone can understand its philosophy, how it works, and how to best make use of it.

Talk objectives: Fully understand how OTP works.

Target audience: Erlang developers.

Tutorial: Building a Chat with Cowboy - 3h

This tutorial introduces the Cowboy web server through the writing of a simple chat application.

The Cowboy web server allows you to write efficient web applications. It's however just a thin layer managing the HTTP part of your application.

After a brief presentation of Cowboy, we will start writing a simple echo application using GET and POST, and then using Websockets.

We will then start talking about the general architecture of the 
application, build a session server and make clients communicate with each other.

Requirements for this tutorial: basic knowledge of how HTTP works, a laptop with Erlang and Rebar installed (R16B) along with a websocket enabled browser.

Tutorial objectives: Learn how to use Cowboy to build real-world HTTP/websocket applications.

Target audience: Web and network developers.