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Damian Dobroczyński
Programmer, ex-objectoholic
mFinder sp. z o.o

Software engineer with robotics and automation background. Before Erlang era C/C++/Delphi/Python and other minor languages programmer with 19 years of experience. Research scientist and scholar for 11 years at the Poznań University of Technology. Since 2005 full-time employee in the outer commercial world. A husband and father of one daughter.

Damian Dobroczyński is Giving the Following Talks
An Erlang server for mFinder - city transport fleet monitoring system (or how I became an Erlang programmer).

Quite optimistic story about Erlang/OTP software used in commercial soft real-time system for monitoring of city vehicles states. Some development problems, dead ends and unresolved puzzles of the current implementation will be presented. The presentation will also reveal afew details about the speaker's road to Erlang world.