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Michał Konarski

Studies Computer Science at AGH University of Science and Technology.
Interested in functional programming. Likes when things work. Sea and inland sailor. Progressive rock enthusiast.

Michał Konarski is Giving the Following Talks
Saving mankind with Erlang for dummies

Sapir-Whorf hypothesis states, that people speaking different languages think differently. I argue that this is also true with formal languages.

In this talk I will present results of bachelor thesis that I and Michał Konarski created. Also, I will show why we chose Erlang, why it was a good choice and what was its impact on software design.

I'd like to show the idea of separate actors, message passing and its implications to fault-tolerance (and scalability). Also I'd like to show that Erlang is well suited for embedded devices.

I will not try to teach Erlang, only show the ideas.