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Anton Lebedevich
Senior software developer

Started as an embedded developer in 1998, then switched to web with focus on server-side development for popular resources. Worked at,,
Anton learned Erlang by reading RabbitMQ sources while he was implementing messaging solution for at 2009 and then switched to full-time Erlang development at a financial company.

Anton Lebedevich is Giving the Following Talks
Lightning Talk: Asynchronous PostgreSQL driver for Erlang

Relational databases are still widely used and PostgreSQL is one of the most popular open source RDBMS. This talk will provide an overview of existing Erlang drivers for PostgreSQL and then discuss current state and future development of epgsql driver.

Talk objectives: Tell people about performance implications of database driver design and ways to improve it. Find contributors to join me in making better PostgreSQL driver.
Target audience: Erlang developers using or going to use PostgreSQL in their applications.

Slides are available here.