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Lev Walkin
embedded programmer; asocial community activist

Co-Founder and CTO of a Valley startup Echo. Prior to that was doing Cisco PIX/ASA platform development, where implemented a third of Erlang without knowing about it. Founder of Practice of Functional Programming journal.

Lev Walkin is Giving the Following Talks
Erlang and Node.JS

The Web is moving to real-time, necessitating tight integration between the client side and the server side. One of the most favorite new approaches increasingly used across the board is to utilize Node.JS on the server side hoping to obtaining high performance, easy to deploy products tightly integrated with the client side. The usual rationale for picking up Node.JS is that the code can be shared between the client side and the server side and the fact that everyone seem to know JavaScript already. I will argue that the language and computational model offered by Erlang fares much better against Node.JS, which aids developer and group velocity. I will also remind the audience about some frequently forgotten criteria for evaluating technology choices, and apply them both to Erlang and Node.JS.