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Ward Bekker
Travis-CI Contributor

Ward Bekker started developing back in the day when 'On Error Resume Next' was a popular idea of fault tolerance. Since then he used quite a few languages and frameworks for delivering high-traffic web-applications. Along the way he discovered that pretty much all popular languages are a surprisingly poor equipped for taking advantage of distributed computing and the current multicore revolution. Now he codes primarily in Erlang.

Favourite quote: "The only constant is change"
twitter: @wardbekker

Ward Bekker is Giving the Following Talks
Deconstructing Travis

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past year you might know of Travis CI, the continuous integration service for the open source community. Travis CI has run 757,465 tests for 10,844 open-source projects to date, including Basho's Riak, and Mochiweb.  Apart from looking at how Travis works now and in the near future, we will also look at how it got there, and how we broke Travis up into smaller more manageable, more concise encapsulated services.

Talk objectives: Introducing Travis-CI service and architecture to open-source developers

Target audience: Erlang developers with open-source projects hosted on Github