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Pavlo Baron
Fighter of huge amounts of chaotic data, mostly using computer science
codecentric AG

Pavlo Baron is lead architect with codecentric AG. His passion are distributed systems and large data sets – the infrastructure behind what they call Big Data. Pavlo is frequent conference speaker and has written three German books: “Erlang/OTP”, “Pragmatic IT Architecture” and “Fragile Agile”.

Twitter: @pavlobaron

Pavlo Baron is Giving the Following Talks
Diving into Erlang is a one-way ticket

Pavlo will tell you about his journey into Erlang: from first gentle touches through storm-alike learning while writing the book to concrete projects and using + trusting Erlang-based systems in larger scenarios. And why he'll never be the same again.

Talk objectives: Explain the audience why and when they should use Erlang.
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