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Christopher Meiklejohn
Software Engineer @ Basho Technologies
Basho Technologies

Christopher Meiklejohn is a Software Engineer with Basho Technologies, Inc. where he focuses on building rich web applications for Riak using Erlang and JavaScript. Before joining Basho, he worked at Swipely, a loyalty program startup based in Providence where he maintained critical infrastructure components written in Ruby. Christopher is also a graduate student in computer science at Brown University in Providence RI, where he studies formal verification and distributed systems.

Twitter: @cmeik
Github: @cmeiklejohn

Christopher Meiklejohn is Giving the Following Talks
Implementing a Distributed Process Registry on Riak Core

Riak PG is a named process group registry built on Riak Core, a toolkit for building robust, distributed highly-available applications. Riak PG provides a highly-available ""eventually consistent"" view of process groups, leveraging conflict-free replicated data types to guarantee deterministic convergence of the process list. During this talk, we will discuss the design, implementation and unique challenges in implementing Riak PG.

Talk objectives: To provide an introduction to building Riak Core applications using convergent and commutative replicated data types

Target audience: Erlang developers interested in learning about building distributed systems