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Fred Hebert
Author of "Learn You Some Erlang for Great Good!", Engineer on Heroku's Routing Team


Fred Hebert is the author of Learn You Some Erlang for Great Good!, a free online (also paid for, on paper) book designed to teach Erlang.

He's worked on writing and teaching training course material for Erlang Solutions Ltd, then moved to writing Real Time Bidding software with Erlang for AdGear. More recently, he joined Heroku's routing team, working on large scale distributed systems in the cloud.

Fred's Online Book
Fred's Blog

Twitter: @MononcQc

Fred Hebert is Giving the Following Talks
Why Heroku (still) uses Erlang

Heroku runs a cloud platform composed of heterogeneous components (written in Ruby, Erlang and Go to name a few). A large part of its routing stack, specifically, is written in Erlang. In this talk, we will be discussing the reasons why Heroku initially chose Erlang, but mostly the reasons and characteristics of the platform explaining why it is still being used there after many years.

Talk objectives:
- Introduce general practices used when programming Erlang at Heroku and for distributed systems in general
- Highlight parts of the language, system, and ecosystem that are favorable for Heroku's uses of Erlang
- Expose a few tips and tricks required when Erlang doesn't always work the way we want

Target audience:
Erlang developers, team members or onlookers looking for more information or experiences on developing real world distributed Erlang systems.