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Romain Gauthier
U.C.Engine core developer, free software enthusiast

Romain Gauthier is a free software enthusiast who graduated with a free software engineering Masters degree in 2010.

Since then, he has been working for af83 as an U.C.Engine core developer and is part of the project since the early days of this real-time framework.

He participated in building the polyglot ecosystem around the U.C.Engine Erlang core. Thus, he works daily with multiple great languages like Ruby, Javascript, Python and of course, Erlang.

Romain Gauthier is Giving the Following Talks
Erlang for real-time web

Erlang has been here for a long time and is now a great mature environment for programmers. New projects emerge everyday, exploiting its strengths to build tomorrow's leading applications. We will see how Erlang is fit to implement the latest web technologies, such as Websockets and EventSource. The combination of Erlang and these new standards is our answer to the challenges set by the rise of real-time web.

The talk will be illustrated by use cases we had on U.C.Engine, a framework to build real-time web applications.
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Paris Erlang Factory Lite Programme