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Anton Lavrik
Sr. Software Developer at Alert Logic
Alert Logic


Anton Lavrik is a software engineer at Alert Logic where he works on product back-ends and infrastructure for storing and processing large data sets. Off hours, Anton is the author of the Piqi project which is an attempt to bring structured data models and tools to the next level.

Anton equally enjoys using Erlang for programming distributed systems and OCaml for implementing languages and robust tools.

The Piqi Project

Twitter: @alavrik

Anton Lavrik is Giving the Following Talks
Piqi-RPC: exposing Erlang services via JSON, XML and Google Protocol Buffers over HTTP

The talk will introduce an RPC-over-HTTP system that allows to easily expose services written in Erlang. Input and output call parameters can be represented in JSON, XML and Google Protocol Buffers formats.

Piqi-RPC automatically validates input and output data and maps it to native Erlang data structures, removing the burden of writing codecs by hand. In contrast, writing codecs manually is inefficient, error-prone, and difficult to maintain for complex data structures and several different formats.

The systems also includes a client application for making remote calls that interprets command-line arguments as input parameters. The ability to call Erlang services using command-line interface is in many cases more convenient and safe compared to using Erlang shell.

A practical demonstration will be given as a part of the talk.

Target Audience: Erlang developers who look for a convenient and reliable way of integrating services written in Erlang with non-Erlang clients or providing command-line interface for Erlang services.

Talk Objectives: Introduce the Piqi-RPC system and demonstrate how it can be used for creating HTTP and command-line API for services written in Erlang.