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Cliff Moon
Dynomite creator and committer

Cliff Moon is co-founder at Fast_ip where he uses both Scala and Java to build the most advanced netflow analysis platform in the world.  In a previous life, Cliff wrote Dynomite, one of the first open source dynamo clones.  He is a well regarded member of both the NoSQL and the Erlang communities, as well as a frequent organizer of Bay Area drinkups.

Twitter: @moonpolysoft

Cliff Moon is Giving the Following Talks
Building Polyglot Distributed Systems With JInterface

JInterface is a library which allows JVM based applications to participate in Erlang distributed systems as nodes.  Beyond its use for integrating Erlang and Java, JInterface may be used as a messaging layer for building distributed applications on the JVM.  In this talk we will demonstrate how to build, test, and deploy a polyglot distributed application with Erlang and Scala.

Target Audience:  Erlang programmers with an interest in Scala or other JVM languages.
Talk Objectives:  The audience should leave knowing why they would want to build a hybrid JVM / Erlang distributed system and how they would go about building such a system.