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Geoff Cant
New-school Erlang Curmudgeon

Geoff Cant is an Erlang Hacker from New Zealand with entirely too little free-time to devote to an ever-expanding collection of github projects. Prior to working on game messaging and presence systems for ngmoco:), he has worked on ejabberd for Process One in Paris and SMS gateways for Catalyst in Wellington. His first Erlang system still sails around the south pacific doing(science) when is_process_alive.

Twitter: @archaelus

Geoff Cant is Giving the Following Talks
Escript changes the game

This talk describes how Escript changes the game for the development and deployment of Erlang systems. The talk shows a variety of escript applications used in live Erlang systems and cunning tips and tricks you can use in your own escripts to better integrate Erlang systems with UNIX environments.

From init scripts to make replacements, escript can help you use your existing tools to manage, monitor, and maintain your Erlang systems.

Target audience: People who develop, deploy or run Erlang systems on *nix operating systems.