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Joe Williams
Sysadmin and Erlang hacker

Joe attempts to automate everything while maintaining Cloudant’s infrastructure and deployment systems. He enjoys bridging the gap between operations and development as well as working with Ruby and functional languages such as Erlang. Additionally, he is a contributor to Opscode Chef, haproxy, fog and other open-source projects and created merle an Erlang Memcached client.

Twitter: @williamsjoe

Joe Williams is Giving the Following Talks
Demystifying Erlang Releases, Upgrades and Deployment

Erlang deployments are generally known to be troublesome but this is not their true nature. It is generally an artifact of the tools and methods used to build and operate them. This talk will discuss how to build, release, upgrade and deploy Erlang projects based on production experience with CouchDB and BigCouch at Cloudant using tools like rebar and Chef.

Target audience: Anyone deploying Erlang applications, especially sysadmins, systems-minded developers and the devops crowd

Talk objectives: Explain how Erlang hot-upgrades work and how to use rebar to do them. Show some best practices in deploying Erlang applications.Show how to automate deploying Erlang applications.