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Justin Kirby
Making healthcare happy with Erlang

Justin has created and sold several startups. In the middle of all that he discovered erlang and now finds a way to use it in virtually all new endeavors. He now works for the awesome team at Voalte working to save the world by making nurses happy.

Justin Kirby is Giving the Following Talks
Getting Useful Metrics from your Erlang Node

When your box starts swapping and your users complain, it is hard to know where you should start looking. There is a lot of information hiding in your erlang node.  Get the big picture from your system, record trends after code changes and integrate this process into your build/qa.

Emetric is a headless tool that helps you do this. It is self contained, inspired by rebar. It hot loads itself into any node, inspired by eper. It generates a lot of information.

Target audience: People interested in quick tools which gather metrics from erlang.

Talk Objectives: Demonstrate how to write simple self contained erlang apps. Show where all the erlang statistics are. Demonstrate stress test with tsung and ejabberd and show how to get performance data.