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Kevin Smith
Pragmatic Podcast Narrator

Kevin discovered Erlang in 2006 after spending years in the wilderness developing complex systems in Java. He's never looked back since. He is the author of the Pragmatic Programmer's "Erlang In Practice" series and has worked on a number of commercial Erlang projects. Kevin is currently a software engineer at Heroku where he uses his powers for good.

Twitter: @kevsmith

Kevin Smith is Giving the Following Talks
Erlang & CUDA: Concurrent and Fast

Erlang is ideal for writing robust highly concurrent applications which take full advantage of today's multi-core computers. NVIDIA's CUDA API is great for using GPUs to rip through large datasets at incredible speeds. What happens when you put these two together? During the talk Kevin will provide a brief introduction to CUDA, illustrate how to integrate CUDA-enabled code with Erlang, discuss the pros and cons of using CUDA, and cap it off with a live demo.

Target Audience: Erlang programmers interested in using CUDA in their own projects.