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Sean Lynch
Membase Cluster Architect

Sean has been programming for most of his life in languages ranging from BASIC and Logo to Prolog to Pascal, Python, and C/C++. He also has substantial operations experience which he gained working in the network operations centers of two major ISPs as well as building out the infrastructures of Hotmail and several smaller companies. He wrote SMB and consumer software for a startup that was acquired by McAfee, then joined Linden Lab, where he was responsible for the scaling of Second Life, helping design the Hadoop-based garbage collection system for Second Life assets and their RabbitMQ-based logging system. He has contributed to several open source projects and holds seven software patents.

Sean's Blog

Twitter: @DrPrettyBad

Sean Lynch is Giving the Following Talks
Membase NoSQL: Clustered by Erlang

Membase, created by some of the top contributors to the memcached project, had a need for a distributed system when building the Membase NoSQL database. The system had to ultra-reliable, portable, and easy to program.  Building on Erlang and OTP to manage the existing core runtime, the membase project able to quickly build a simple, fast, elastic NoSQL database.

This talk will show how Membase clustering comes together, talking about the successes, design decisions and challenges encountered along the way.