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Steve Yen
Membase Co-Founder and CTO, Moxi proxy author, cucumberl author.

Steve is a world-class technologist and successful entrepreneur with a track record of founding and building groundbreaking companies. Prior to Membase, Steve co-founded Escalate, and architected its unique, multitenant e-commerce and order management software-as-a-service application. Escalate was acquired by GE Retail Systems in 2004. Previously, Steve co-founded Kiva Software, where he was a key part of the technology team that created the world’s first application server with high-scale deployments at E*Trade, Bank of America and Sabre. Kiva was acquired by Netscape in 1997. Steve is a UC Berkeley Computer Science graduate.

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Twitter: @steveyentweets

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Behaviour Driven Design comes to Erlang with cucumberl

Erlang OTP was the platform of choice when building Membase's clustering.  Ensuring membase is tested is important, and behavior driven development (BDD) is one efficient way to ensure software matches it's intended behavior.  Cucumber is BDD done with "elegance and joy", so Steve Yen of Membase, Inc. authored and Open Sourced cucumberl for BDD with Erlang.  Learn the basics of BDD, cucumberl, and how to contribute.