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Tino Breddin
Embedded Erlanger from Dresden
Erlang solutions

Tino Breddin is a Systems Engineer at Erlang Solutions Ltd where he spends quality time on building scalable, highly-reliable systems for messaging and data storage. When not using Erlang he prefers using Python or Ruby for anything which needs to be automated. Previously Tino worked at the research labs of SAP Labs LLC in Palo Alto and SAP AG in Dresden focusing on massively scalable systems development.
Twitter: @tolbrino

Tino Breddin is Giving the Following Talks
A guide to the Erlang ecosystem: the development process, continuous integration and packages

Until the end of 2009 Erlang/OTP was largely developed behind closed doors at Ericsson with only basic opportunities to contribute by the community. The move to Github has changed the ecosystem drastically, making it possible for developers outside of Ericsson to contribute. However, contributors need to follow guidelines to make everybody's life easier. This change has also allowed others to improve the process where possible, thus helping to raise the profile of Erlang as a mature and active open source project.
This talk explains the development process for Erlang and highlights how external contributions are being handled. Further the efforts of Erlang Solutions to provide continuous integration and package generation for all contributions are presented. Finally the future of Erlang development will be discussed.