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Volker Mische
Creator of GeoCouch

Volker Mische is the creator of GeoCouch a geospatial extension for CouchDB. As a proponent of open source, he has contributed to various projects, such as CouchDB, MapQuery (project lead), OpenLayers, GeoNetwork. He works in front end development with JavaScript, CSS, HTML, XML to low level data structures for creating a geospatial indexer for CouchDB in Erlang.

Volker Mische is Giving the Following Talks
CouchDB and Erlang: Mobile and Flexible

Erlang is ideal for writing robust highly concurrent applications and allows for a flexible design that is easily scalable and readily extensible. CouchDB's replication and sync capabilities make it ideal as a datastore on mobile devices. What happens when you put all these components two together? During his talk, Damien Katz will provide a brief introduction to CouchDB, illustrate how CouchDB functions as a datastore for mobile devices and the challenges of porting to mobile environments like iOS and explain its native replication capability to solve user issues with low, intermittent or no internet connectivity.

Target audience: Medium technical level with an interest in web or mobile dev.

Talk objectives: To show how Erlang can run on constrained devices like mobile phones. And how CouchDB's data sharing model is a good fit for that.