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Yurii Rashkovskii
Maintainer of

Yurii Rashkovskii has been using Erlang on and off since 2001 for commercial and open source projects, always returning to it from his endeavors with other platforms. Among other things, his open source Erlang work includes agner, epitest and amqpfs. Yurii resides in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Twitter: @yrashk

Yurii Rashkovskii is Giving the Following Talks
Beam.JS: Erlang meets JavaScript

With rising popularity of JavaScript as server-side programming language, wouldn't it be interesting to use potential of both Erlang and JavaScript? Beam.js is a modular JavaScript platform built on top of V8 that connects two powerful languages — JavaScript and Erlang at a very low level by embedding V8 into Erlang VM. With Beam.js JavaScript lovers can piggy back on Erlang’s solid distributed networking infrastructure as well as other powerful components. For Erlang users, it can provide a powerful way to describe top level business logic on top of their robust architectures.

Target Audience: Erlang developers with at least minimal JavaScript knowledge; JavaScript developers looking to use powerful Erlang capabilities.

Talk Objectives: Establish an understanding of how two platforms can live together and benefit from each other. Show how some JavaScript libraries can be implemented on top of OTP behaviours.