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Chad DePue
Entrepreneur and creator of
Inaka Networks

Chad DePue is a software developer and entrepreneur focusing on Ruby on Rails and Erlang through his consulting company Ruby Rescue. He is a former VP of Engineering at Visto Corporation (now Good Technologies) and started his career at Microsoft in the Developer Tools Division. In 2008 Chad moved his family to Buenos Aires, Argentina to, among other things, learn Spanish, a language which he finds much more difficult than Erlang. 

Chad recently built a high-performance mobile payment and microlending platform in Erlang and Ruby on Rails, the combination of which he believes provides the rapid development time of Rails with the scalability, fault-tolerance, and easy-redundancy of the Erlang/OTP platform. 

Chad DePue is Giving the Following Talks
Step by Step: Implementing Redis In Erlang

We'll walk through the tradeoffs and design decisions made when building a Redis Server Clone in Erlang. We're using leveldb as the backend, so we'll talk about how that choice affects ultimate performance goals. There are not appropriate sorted set structures in Erlang so we have to build those and we'll talk in detail about those objects. These issues will lead into a discussion about performance of Redis and Edis, so we'll show some benchmarks and talk about the tradeoffs. Finally, we'll talk about production system deployment, and how we've used Edis in the production environment. 

Target audience: Developers who may be curious to see Erlang used to build a familiar piece of server infrastructure. Erlang developers who will be interested in our design decisions, particularly around unusual data structures. DevOps folks who would be interested in how Edis could work in their deployments.