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Darren Schreiber
Co-Founder of 2600hz

Co-Founder of 2600hz, Darren has been in the telephony industry for over 14 years. He built multiple SaaS infrastructures, managed operations and development teams, built a managed services division and authored multiple books on scalable telephony infrastructures. He guest lectures at major universities on VoIP technology and leads paid international VoIP trainings. He has a degree in Computer Science and Business Entrepreneurship. He likes Phish and has been to over a thousand live concerts.

Darren Schreiber is Giving the Following Talks
Rewriting the way communication happens, the tools that made it possible

Telecom and VoIP have been long overlooked for decades due to its unreliability. But by using the newest emerging technologies that have surfaced within the last couple years, 2600hz has rewritten the telephony stack from the ground up to create a platform that is changing the way we communicate. In this talk, Darren will go in-depth in the 2600hz architecture that translates beyond telecom to anything massively scalable and highly distributed.