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Fernando Benavides
Erlang Lead developer at Inaka Labs
Inaka Labs

Programmer since the age of 10, Erlang programmer since 2008, Fernando is a passionate Argentinian Erlang developer. He's the Erlang Lead developer at Inaka Labs and he has already worked on the development of several high scale systems, ranging from web applications to VoIP systems.

Fernando Benavides is Giving the Following Talks
Scaling Web Applications in Erlang

One of the most common reasons why people choose Erlang is to build highly scalable systems. And Erlang does a great job helping developers reach those goals. But creating a scalable web system is not a matter of just writing it in Erlang. In this talk I will create a sample web project and I'll show several tricks ant tactics to make it scale from 1K to 100K clients.

Talk objectives: To share my experience scaling web applications in Erlang.

Target audience: Anyone who has built an Erlang web application and needed to know how to make changes to make it scale. Anyone who has scaled other application platforms and wants to know how to work with Erlang.