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Garrett Smith
CloudBees hacker with Erlang powered X-ray vision

Garrett Smith is senior architect at CloudBees, a leading platform-as-a-service vendor, where he leads the use of Erlang to manage platform services and infrastructure. He has over 20 years development experience and specializes in distributed systems and reliable software. Garrett is an instructor with ErlangCamp and the author of the e2 library, which was built from his experience teaching the language. He is also known for gritty tech satirical videos that include "MongoDb is Web Scale" and "All the Cool Kids Use Ruby".

Garrett Smith is Giving the Following Talks
Accelerated Erlang Development with e2

e2 is a light weight library that simplifies development of correct OTP applications. It improves developer productivity by eliminating boilerplate code and clarifying important concepts that are often lost in OTP's complexity.

Many view OTP as an advanced topic, to be used only after a developer has mastered lower level Erlang concepts. e2 simplifies the use of OTP to the point where it's no longer "advanced" or complex.

Some have called e2 "OTP on rails".

e2 was born from the speaker's experience teaching OTP fundamentals at ErlangCamp and his work with new Erlang developers at CloudBees. e2 is running in production in a variety of organizations and is a proven accelerator for learning Erlang and building correct applications.

Talk objectives: To present the e2 framework, the motivation for its development, and its benefits to new and experience Erlang developers.

Target audience: Anyone interested in improving their Erlang skills and, in particular, those who have deferred the use of OTP in their application because of its complexity.

Presentation slides are available here.