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Lukas Larsson
JIT Problem solver
Erlang Solutions

Lukas Larsson first came in contact with Erlang 2004 while studying in Göteborg. After finishing his studies he has been working with Erlang at Erlang Solutions for about 6 years in many different industries. For the last 18 months he's been a consultant at the Erlang/OTP team at Ericsson AB, mainly working on he development of the Erlang VM and common_test.

Lukas Larsson is Giving the Following Talks
Tutorial: Tracing and Debugging

A distinct feature of the Erlang VM is the ability to trace and debug on a live system. In this tutorial we want to give people an overview of the facilities in the Erlang VM that helps a developer or administrator figure out errors in programs while they are running. The ability to operate on a live production system is a valuable trait of concurrent systems. Apart from Tracing and debugging, we will also be covering match specifications and we will introduce the "Restricted debugger" from the "eper" suite by Mats Cronqvist.

Just-in-time compiler for the Erlang VM

After the success of the Java Hot Spot VM, just-in-time compilers are become more and more popular in more and more languages. Just-in-time compilers attempt to make code run faster by compiling parts of your programs to native code in order to speed up execution time. Just-in-time compilers have been shown to speed up performance by up to a factor of 5 for specific benchmarks and it is about time that the Erlang VM is fitted with one of its own.

This talk will give a brief overview of the different approaches one can take to just-in-time compiling and then dive into the details of how the Erlang VM executes code. After laying the ground work I will try to explain how a JIT can be done for the Erlang VM and finish of with a status report of what work has been done so far.

Talk objectives: Explain how a JIT compiler could be implemented for the Erlang VM and report on what has been done so far in the prototype at Ericsson.

Target audience: Developers interested in future developments and details of the Erlang VM.