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Anton Lavrik
Tech Lead at Alert Logic
Alert Logic

Anton Lavrik is a software engineer at Alert Logic where he works on product backends and infrastructure for collecting and processing large volumes of security-related data.

In his spare time, Anton works on the Piqi project aiming at designing and establishing a thousand-year language.

Anton Lavrik is Giving the Following Talks
Scaling Up from 1000 to 10 Nodes

This is a story of how a large-scale data collection system that used to run on 1000 nodes was redesigned to run on only a handful of nodes.

The highly concurrent soft real-time system presented in the talk is used for reliably collecting 10s of terabytes of data from 100s of thousands of sources every day.

We will talk about various challenges of building and scaling the system in Erlang and speculate about advantages and limitations of Erlang stack for modern server-side development.

Talk objectives: Share the experience of building and scaling a system in Erlang.

Target audience: Anyone interested in using Erlang for building non-trivial systems.