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Bob Ippolito
Mochi Media co-founder, Mochi Web creator

Bob Ippolito was the CTO and co-founder of Mochi Media, and creator of Mochi Web. Bob started using Erlang in 2006 to prototype an ad server, and it quickly became the de facto platform for building servers at Mochi. Bob's open source contributions to the Erlang community include mochiweb, statebox, egeoip and kvc.

Bob Ippolito is Host to the Following Tracks

As Erlang's popularity grows, it keeps breaking into new verticals and is adopted by start-ups and Fortune 100 companies alike. In this track we get to listen to the war stories of novice and experienced users, looking at the benefits Erlang brings to these new business segments and introduce current and future distributed architectures. Talks will also include experience reports on how Erlang is introduced in new organizations.