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Christian Gribneau
VP of Technology @ Ology Media Inc.
Ology Media

Career in systems administration with a primary emphasis on solving problems of scale eventually developed into engineering management and systems architecture. Drawn to erlang for the actor model, shared-nothing approach, and fault tolerance.

Christian Gribneau is Giving the Following Talks
Location, Location, Location

A simple mechanism for tracking user location and finding others nearby is presented and contributed as open source. Geohashes expressed as integers padded with MSB=1 are used to store user location information with timestamps in Redis. An OTP application built on Mochiweb exposes a RESTful interface for setting user location information and finding neighboring users. If time permits, an integration with Mongoose may also be presented.

Talk objectives: Location Matters. Users of websites should be able to find other users of that website who happen to be nearby.

Target audience: Anyone running a website that intends to connect people to each other should have a location mechanism enabling people to find others nearby. (Life happens offline, too.)