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Enrique Paz Pérez
Senior Backend Developer @ SpilGames

Classic-metal-loving, motorcycle-riding, Erlang enthusiast. Started in 2006 - 2009 doing PHP, Java and J2ME, mainly as an investigator for Universidade da Coruña. Discovered Erlang working as a developer for Lambdastream from 2009 till early 2011. In 2011 became Development Lead for Textendo (a telecom startup) when looking for an opportunity to keep mastering my Erlang skills. Joined Spilgames in January 2012 as Senior Erlang Developer.

Enrique Paz Pérez is Giving the Following Talks
Spilgames Storage Platform

Describing the architecture of the abstraction layer we use for storage. 

The main properties of the platform are:

- Massively scalable
- A transparent layer for sharding
- Works with any storage backend (MySQL, RIAK...)
- Offers caching
- Can be queried used native erlang or HTTP (JSON or ProtocolBuffers)

Talk objectives: Showing the properties of the Spilgames Storage platform. Sharing some details of the internal implementation and the thinking process that led us to implementing this solution. Getting feedback about some of the concepts and design techniques used in this project.

Target audience: Software architects, DB engineers, Backend Developers.