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Erik Stenman
Erlang Wizard @ Klarna
Klarna AB

Erik Happi Stenman has been programming for fun since 1980, and for profit since 1989 when he started his first company. He received a Ph.D in Computer Science from his work on Erlang compilation, and as project manager for Martin Odersky’s Scala group he helped in the successful release of Scala 1.0. Erik is currently working as Chief Scientist (or Chief Erlang Wizard) at Klarna spreading the word about Erlang and scalable development both inside and outside Klarna.

Erik Stenman is Giving the Following Talks
Erlang Engine Tuning: Part 1 - Know your Engine

In this talk we will take a look under the hood of the Erlang RunTime System (ERTS). We will look at compiler options to generate readable machine code, at how a process is represented in memory, at the BEAM instruction set and details about how memory is handled.

Talk objectives: After the talk you should know how to generate and read BEAM code. You should understand how Erlang data structures are laid out in memory and how the garbage collector work. With this knowledge you should be able to tune the VMs memory handling.

Target audience: Dev Ops running applications on Erlang, and Erlang developers who want to get a better understanding of how their programs execute.