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Evan Miller
Creator of Chicago Boss
University of Chicago

After graduating from Williams College with a bachelor's degree in physics, Evan moved to California where he slung a pager for, devised monitoring systems for IMVU, and moonlighted as an Nginx module developer for 2 years. The experiences led him to believe in the importance of reliable systems and the power of non-blocking I/O, and hence, to Erlang. He is now the maintainer of the ErlyDTL template compiler and the author of Chicago Boss, a full-stack Erlang web framework. Since 2008 Evan has been pursuing a Ph.D. in economics at the University of Chicago, where he specializes in econometric computational methods. Most recently he released Wizard, a desktop program that makes it easy to perform sophisticated statistical analyses on your Mac.

Evan Miller is Giving the Following Talks
Chicago Boss: A Web Framework Built for Comfort (and Speed)

We all know that Erlang is great for building complicated distributed systems, but did you know that building a website in Erlang is as easy as using Ruby on Rails? In this talk I'll introduce you to Chicago Boss, the web framework that takes care of all the hard parts of Erlang/OTP for you, letting the developer focus on building a great website. I'll explain why Erlang is an excellent choice for delivering web content, give a high-level overview of the Chicago Boss architecture, and explicate the philosophy behind some of CB's controversial design decisions. In the process we'll cover CB's high-performance template system, its custom compiler chain and language-integrated query syntax, its unique approaches to e-mail and i18n, and everything in between. Some practical code examples will be included at the end. All levels of expertise are welcome.

Talk objectives: The goal of the talk is to help attendees to appreciate the strength of Erlang as a web development platform, gain a high-level understanding of Chicago Boss internals, and get inspired to build their next website with Chicago Boss!

Target audience: This talk will appeal to Erlang developers looking to expand their toolbox, web developers who are new to Erlang, and anyone who thinks a person must be certifiably insane to want to build a website in Erlang.