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Geoff Cant
Senior Engineer on Heroku's Routing Team

Geoff Cant is an Erlang Hacker from New Zealand with entirely too little free-time to devote to an ever-expanding collection of github projects. Prior to working on routing and logging systems at Heroku, he has  worked on ejabberd for Process One in Paris and SMS gateways for Catalyst in Wellington. His first Erlang system still sails around the south pacific doing(science) when is_process_alive.

Favourite quote: "That's not right, that's not even wrong."

twitter: @archaelus

Geoff Cant is Giving the Following Talks
High Throughput Erlang

Active-once is a fantastic way of coping with 99% of flow- control problems in Erlang, but what can you do if you have to cope with unbounded input?

The Heroku log router Logplex is responsible for collecting and directing the entire log output of the Heroku platform and all applications running on it. This talk will explain some of the tricks Logplex plays in order to stay ahead of the input volume.

Talk objectives: Explain some (moderately crazy) Logplex tricks: raw tcp ports, bounded buffer processes and tcp connection management.

Target audience: Erlang programmers building high-throughput tcp systems.