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John Kemp
Distributed Systems Architect @ ESPN

John is an experienced architect of distributed systems using several different languages (Python, Java, Javascript and now Erlang). He spent 8 years at Nokia building web services frameworks on both a phone platform and Internet-facing servers. During that time, he was elected as Nokia's representative to the W3C Technical Architecture Group. 

John currently works in ESPN's technology research group, investigating distributed architectures for video-related operations. 

John Kemp is Giving the Following Talks
Lilith - Solving the Distributed Video Operations Challenge @ ESPN

This talk will be about how John came to use Erlang for a system that requires a high-performance control plane and a system for handling long-running requests for video streaming.

Talk objectives: Education. Specifically about the use of Websockets, riak_core and video processing in Erlang, and the comparative advantages/disadvantages of Erlang vs. node.js.

Target audience: People wishing to understand Erlang's role in distributed systems design. Programmers wanting to know something about Erlang's FFI, riak_core and websockets.