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Loïc Hoguin
Erlang Cowboy and Nine Nines Founder
Nine Nines

Founder of the Nine Nines open source Erlang company. Main author of the Cowboy, Bullet, Sheriff and Farwest projects. Spawnfest co-founder and organizer.

Twitter: @lhoguin

Loïc Hoguin is Giving the Following Talks
The New Cowboy

Le Cowboy nouveau est arrivé !

Cowboy 0.8 brought many changes in the way you use Cowboy to build powerful web applications. This talk will detail what's new, explain why we made these decisions and what to expect in the future.

Talk objectives: If you don't know Cowboy: understand what it is and what it isn't, and figure out how to use it to harness the power of the soft real time web.

If you already know Cowboy: understand what changed in Cowboy, what remains to be done and how you can help.

Target audience: 
* Web developers who want to use Erlang to build high performance web applications

* Erlang developers who need the best web technology at their disposal

* Architects and project managers who want to discover how easy it can be to do soft real time web applications