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Reid Draper
Riak Guru @ Basho
Basho Technologies Inc.

Reid Draper is an Erlang developer at Basho. He works on Riak and Riak CS, and is interested in programming languages, distributed systems and coffee.

Reid Draper is Giving the Following Talks
Building Riak CS on Riak

Riak CS is an Erlang application that exposes the S3 API on top of Riak: an eventually consistent fault-tolerant distributed key-value store. Riak CS design faced many challenges: supporting large files, distributed garbage collection and quick time to market. We'll dive into implementation details and lessons applicable to anyone building distributed systems, such as the power of immutability in large-scale system design. Time will also be given to less obviously exciting issues like versioning of persisted formats and rolling upgrades.

Talk objectives: To relay lessons and tips from building Riak CS with Erlang and Riak.

Target audience: Erlang developers interested in learning about a large-scale distributed system.