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Scott Lystig Fritchie
Decade-long Erlang addict
Basho Technologies

Scott Lystig Fritchie met his first UNIX system in 1986 and has almost never met one since that he didn't like.  A career detour as a UNIX systems administrator got him neck-deep in messaging systems, e-mail and Usenet News. He rediscovered full-time programming while at Sendmail, Inc., where a colleague introduced him to Erlang in 2000. His world hasn't been the same since then.

In addition to hacking Erlang code and occasionally the Erlang virtual machine, he has had papers published by USENIX, the Erlang User Conference, and the ACM and has been a speaker at Erlang Factory.  He is a former co-chair of the ACM Erlang Workshop and current member of that workshop's steering committee.  Scott is a senior software engineer at Basho Technologies.

Twitter: @slfritchie

Scott Lystig Fritchie is Host to the Following Tracks

This track will explore the future of data and data architectures for performance, fault-tolerance and scalability. Exploring innovations in the future of databases, including cloud databases, noSQL, LeoFS, Genomu, Riak CS, Big Data analytics, semantics and linked data.