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Ulf Wiger
Feuerlabs Co-founder and Developer Advocate
Feuerlabs Inc

Ulf Wiger has been programming Erlang since 1992, and was, to his knowledge, the first ever commercial Erlang customer. After 13 years at Ericsson learning how to build 5-nines telecom systems, and 3 years as CTO of Erlang Solutions, Ulf is now in the trenches for real, reinventing device programming, together with Erlang Zen master Tony Rogvall and Telematics guru Magnus Feuer, in the startup Feuerlabs.

Twitter: @uwiger

Ulf Wiger is Giving the Following Talks
KVDB - A Database System for Configuration Data and Connected Devices

Deciding to write your own database management system while implementing a commercial online service must surely be a grand example of hubris! Yet, this is what we did at Feuerlabs. We wanted a database framework that could work equally well on an embedded device as on the server side, with easy interoperability; we wanted to handle tree-structured data and a huge amount of persistent queues; and we needed transaction support. We are now releasing the result as part of our Open Source Exosense device programming framework. In this talk, we will give an overview of what KVDB can do, and where we are planning to take it. We will also describe some implementation details, some of which we think are particularly novel and Erlang-esque.

Talk objectives: Introducing the Open Source DBMS KVDB, and giving an overview of its uses.

Target audience: This talk is mainly for Erlang developers, who are either browsing for database systems, or interested in their design aspects.