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Ville Tuulos
Co-Founder of Bitdeli and Initiator of the Disco project

Ville Tuulos is a co-founder of Bitdeli, an Erlang-powered startup that provides a frictionless backend for data-intensive web applications. Before Bitdeli, Ville was a team lead at Nokia Research where he crunched hundreds of terabytes of mobile data using Disco, the most popular MapReduce framework written in Erlang which he started to develop in 2007.

Ville Tuulos is Host to the Following Tracks

Next Generation Analytics:
The Next Generation Analytics track, explores the technical challenges of working with data sets that are too large for traditional tools. The reward for your efforts are new insights into concurrent distributed analytics of Big Data. This track takes you beyond map-reduce and combines new tools for cost-effective scalability and fault-tolerant analysis. Our speakers will discuss their experiences working with Big Data and offer guidance to help you be effective, as well.

Erlang and the Web:
As web services become ever more sophisticated and stateful and websockets and HTML5 a reality, we see a growing demand for back-end technologies enabling uninterrupted service, quick response time and complex logic. In response to this, a number of Erlang-based web frameworks and exciting Erlang-based web applications have seen the light. In this track, we take a closer look at some of them.