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Martin Logan
Erlang author and Faxien and Sinan committer
Orbitz Inc.

Martin Logan has been heavily involved with the Erlang community since 1999. Since that time he has had the privilege to work on Erlang full time for over 5 years. Martin’s great interest in distributed systems and service based design has led him to spend much of his career to studying and solving problems in that space. Wherever possible he tries to implement his solutions with Erlang.
Currently Martin brings his expertise to Orbitz Worldwide, one of the largest online travel companies in the world. There he leads the technical travel business services group developing solutions for their large scale distributed service based infrastructure. Most recently Martin has taken a leadership role with Erlware where he is a core developer and the primary developer of the Faxien package management system.

Martin Logan is Giving the Following Talks
Erlware at Orbitz

Orbitz like many other advanced technology companies here in the states, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, uses service orientation. This talk will focus on where Erlang fits into that picture from a high level and how it is managed from a development, testing, and deployment perspective with the Erlware tools. This talk will put forward the efficient way Orbitz develops and maintains a production quality Erlang package.